How to apply for Gclub membership in simple steps?

Gclub is one of the most stable as well as biggest gambling sites in Thailand. When you think of playing online casinos on gclub, initially, you have to apply for membership. Below are the methods to apply for Gclub membership in simple steps that include:

Add line ID

Initially, you have to add line to gclub by just click over a given link. The Gclub call centre is always ready to serve you on 24/7 with a team of over two hundred professionals. Once you add line, you can enter the word as register for Gclub and then the call centre will reply for you instantly to fill out. Also, the following information is available on the internet such as line ID, name (surname), phone number, bank details, account number and how do you know about us. Once you fill out the information to apply for Gclub to a call centre, they will confirm the information by this process. But, it not takes over three minutes. After sometime, the call centre will transmit the account number information for Gclub clients to transfer the amount in order to open a playing account of online casino with Gclub.

Depositing money to begin playing Gclub

After getting the Gclub account number through line call centre, you need to deposit the amount to begin playing Gclub. The customers can transfer the amount in order to open a member account with them instantly. However, the Gclub has no account opening charge, rather the entire transferred funds will be credited to play and the customers can easily withdraw the amount instantly, when they want. Some of the conditions of deposit to open an account are,

For the first time, open user’s minimum deposit amount is 300 baht, no minimum and next deposit withdraw Gclub

You can withdraw 500 baht or more than that, can deposit and withdrawal on 24/7 and also unlimited amount of times

Withdraw the amount fewer than 500 baht will be withdrawn one time per day

Once the entire transfer is completed, the customers can send a proof of transfer to line Gclub instantly.

Obtain the username and password to begin playing online gambling and baccarat

To begin playing baccarat, you have to wait for the username and password of Gclub instantly. After that, the cell centre will send a link to play the Gclub and also how to download a royal online V2 application. If the customers have any queries, they can ask a call centre directly and they give instant support 24 hours per day. Some of the possible ways to contact the gclub are call, line ID or casino building and grand diamond city hotel.

If the members do not have an account, they do not accept the money transfers. If it is a transfer through a cash deposit machine, you can simply write a user on the slip each time. For the new customers, you can write a slip that often utilized to open an account on Gclub.


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