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If you ask us, the best thing we know when we play new gclub slot machines is to discover what bonus game the game has. To get to the bonus round in a slot machine, you must hit a special combination. In the bonus game, you have the opportunity to pick up goodies such as free spins, multipliers and more. Always look for slot machines with bonus games as good results in the bonus round give you good conditions for winning money.

Slot machines should be fun. Never play when you are drunk or angry. 

As we mentioned earlier, slot machines are largely about managing your money. To succeed, you must have established a bankroll, stick to it and place bets that are reasonable given the size of your gaming budget. If you play slot machines when you are in a bad mood or when you are affected by various substances, it is easy for you to lose control. To win at slot machines, it is a given that you must first and foremost be ready for the ball. Never forget that the whole idea behind slot machines is that you should have fun during the game.

An important difference between modern slot machines and other casino games is that it is not possible to clearly quantify (count on) the odds. When a slot machine consists of five reels, 20+ paylines, wild symbols, bonus games, scatters and more, you simply cannot calculate the odds that one or the other will occur. This makes it difficult to develop direct strategies, although there are tips and tricks that  can affect the chances of winning. More about this further down.

Theoretical repayment

The closest odds we can get is “theoretical repayment” – a concept that simply explains how much you statistically get back per krone invested. Many game developers struggle with the theoretical payback – perhaps because it is too bad. However, there are exceptions, including the Swedish developers. In their slot machines you will find the theoretical refund if you go to the game’s help section.

A theoretical refund of 100% would mean that you got 1 kroner back for every kroner invested. Keep in mind that theoretical repayment is a statistical concept it says nothing about the individual spin. A reasonable theoretical repayment is about 96% and up. No slot machines (or other casino games) have 100% theoretical payback or over.

Think of it this way: theoretical repayment only means something if you cut out the gambling over time. During a single spin, the actual payback can be anywhere between 0% (loss) and thousands of percent (eg jackpot).


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