GreatergclubAchievements with the best of Slots Now

GreatergclubAchievements with the best of Slots Now

As with many things in life, slot machines can completely ruin our savings. Like the scratch cards. Not playing, don’t get lost! But as we are not fundamentalists and if you like to take a walk around the Casino every once in a while, do like me: leave your wallet at home, and come in with just a few euros.

When we enter a casino (such as when we enter a supermarket), things are made to spend our money.

The architecture, the design, the lights, everything is there to invite us to bet

In this article, we can learn a little more about the science of gclub machines. Today, they represent up to 85% of the gaming industry’s income. Natasha Dow Schüll, author of Addiction By Design: Gambling Machine in Las Vegas, spent 15 years in Las Vegas investigating why slot machines are so addictive.

The main reason for this evolution is related to technology. Those old slot machines were limited, though the sound was very characteristic. Over the past decade, with the computerization of slot machines, casinos have come to better control the odds, making it possible to offer ever larger jackpots.

  • The article has many more interesting tips on how addiction is fostered.
  • The most ergonomic chairs, coin finishes, multiple bets, varying odds over time, etc.
  • So do not be fooled! The odds are always for the house, and the lucky ones are few (there are surprising exceptions). If you still want to go there, leave the money and cards at home

Increasingly there are online casinos, although these are not at all advantageous to most gamblers. Thinking of less experienced bettors, let’s leave some small tips / tricks to get better results in the game.

Best Beginner Casino Tips

Let’s focus on slot machines, blackjack and roulette.

Slot machines

Each round of a slot machine is totally random, and at each turn, three symbols are randomly chosen. The player at each roll may Win, Lose or Repeat the roll. Play prizes are based on the likelihood of alignment of the various winning combinations. It is important to mention that slot machines represent over 70% of the money casinos earn. At each turn the player is always equally likely to win, as previous moves do not influence the next moves.


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